Glass’s narrative prowess and character development in Overlap are commendable. His work rivals that of more established authors in the genre, showcasing a remarkable consistency in both the complex mechanics of time travel and the richly developed characters. The dialogue is clear and effective, skillfully driving the narrative forward. There are moments when the dialogue subtly invites the reader to engage more deeply with the text, offering an opportunity to discern the characters’ distinct voices through context rather than relying on dialogue tags. This nuanced approach adds a layer of sophistication to the narrative. This story is a standout example of time travel fiction, captivating in its execution and memorable in its storytelling. Glass has created a world where consistency in character development, narrative mechanics, and overall quality is paramount.

"What truly captivates is Glass's ability to weave an intricate web of storytelling.."

5 star  review for Overlap,

"Glass is a good story-teller... shows an understanding of the work his characters do, but the characters, their intentions and their interactions are what drive the plot forward."

John M on the New Europe trilogy,