2024 Gold Book Award

A former time traveler is ‘stuck in the past’, letting a single moment define his life. Can he move on? Is redemption possible? What draws him to this young woman?

Be a fly on the wall as Marcus Hollister, inventor of the chamber, reveals its mysteries.

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When Kyle finds his life on the line, his friends will do whatever it takes to save him. Donny must rise to influencer status in 24 hours with his sister Sadie as the star of his posts. How much of her dignity will she surrender to save her best friend’s life? Micky wrestles with the morality of it all as memories of his childhood faith revisit him.

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Moral dilemma and personal conflict plague Captain Marc Sanders on his mission to a parallel world to save his people—more to save his dying little girl.

Lines blur for all, from world leaders to foot soldiers. How can Marc justify what he is about to do?

Our protagonist, Gift, struggles to overcome her initial dismissal of foul play, desperately clinging to her belief that life is good.

When acts of sabotage ensue, she becomes a reluctant hero to rally her friends and save her colony.

Our characters’ world has expanded into something they never could have imagined.

Along with the marvels and wonder of new discoveries come astonishing and horrific tests of their humanity, threatening their existence.

We follow Gift on her journey of growth to face all-out war.

Will she have what it takes to stand against her own people and find her choice, a solution to stop the endless cycle of humanity’s fighting and killing each other?