Quantum Radio Review

Quantum Radio Review

This story hits all the points I enjoy about Riddle’s writing, including great characters being fully fleshed out, deep plots with twists and enough science to keep it believable (for sci-fi) and engaging, and a climax and resolution that are satisfying and convincing to the story and characters.

Like all good stories, there are elements that made me think about my life and the state of the world and how things could be different, for better or worse. How we make decisions and what influences them is also a thought-provoking sub-theme, as captured in this quote:

“Have you ever felt like the world was wrong, as though events simply didn’t make sense, as though the course of history was being altered by some unseen force?”

I opted for the audiobook, which was a great choice. The only odd bit was I had recently listened to Project Hill Mary with the same narrator, so I had to get Ryland Grace out of my head…

My $0.02: Overall, while a longer read from Riddle, I recommend it as an engaging story with decent action, a good pace, great characters, and a well-thought-out ending.